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Unit 1 Tasks - Self and Work

About this course

Unit 1 Self & Work

  • CV Writing
  • Character Strengths
  • Employer Perspectives
  • Evaluation

Learning Outcomes

In this unit the learner will:

  • Create a CV which is relevant to a local employer
  • Assess the development of their character strengths measured from a baseline
  • Understand the requirements of work from an employer’s perspective

Assessment Criteria

On completion of this unit, it is expected that the learner can:

  • Format a CV so that it has a professional appearance
  • Set out personal and professional experiences in a coherent and articulate manner
  • Complete a base-line self-assessment survey on own character strengths
  • Complete an ‘end of unit’ self-assessment showing distance travelled compared to the baseline survey and providing a justification for the
  • Explain what is expected of employers providing work experience
  • Evaluate the extent to which an employer has fulfilled their obligations with regard to providing work experience

Course Structure

  • Unit 1.1 CV Writing
  • Unit 1.2 Character Strengths
  • Unit 1.3 Employer Perspectives
  • Unit 1.4 Evaluation (self & work)