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Unit 3 Tasks - Aspects of Business

About this course

Learning Outcomes

In this unit the learner will:

  • Explore the wider context of work through different business themes
  • Undertake comprehension exercises to test communication skills
  • Provide succinct responses in written form in order to demonstrate writing skills

Assessment Criteria

On completion of this unit, it is expected that the learner can:

  • Understand the wider context of work
  • Respond to short pieces of text exploring different aspects of business
  • Write articulately and succinctly in response to specific questions about the wider aspects of work

Course Structure

  • Unit 3.1 Exploring the idea of ‘PURPOSE’
  • Unit 3.2 Exploring the idea of ‘TIME’
  • Unit 3.3 Exploring the idea of ‘PLACE’
  • Unit 3.4 Exploring the idea of ‘PACE’