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Unit 4 Tasks - Ethics and Sustainability

About this course

Unit 4 Ethics & Sustainability

  • UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • The Seven Principles of Public Life (The Nolan Principles)
  • The Triple bottom line
  • Evaluation

Learning Outcomes

In this unit the learner will:

  • Research the need for ethics and sustainability in the world of work
  • Explore the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals and Targets
  • Research the way in which a local company has the potential to meet three of the goals
  • Research the seven ethical principles of public life
  • Assess the importance of the ‘triple bottom line’

Assessment Criteria

On completion of this unit, it is expected that the learner can:

  • Explain the importance of ethics and sustainability in business life
  • Explain how at least three Sustainable Development Goals link to the project you are undertaking in Unit2
  • Evaluate the importance of the Nolan Principles
  • Assess the relevance of the triple bottom line

Course Structure

  • Unit 4.1 UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Unit 4.2 The Seven Principles of Public Life (The Nolan Principles)
  • Unit 4.3 The Triple Bottom Line
  • Unit 4.4 Evaluation (ethics & sustainability)