Online Work Experience and Industry-Related Level 3 Award help

Below is a basic overview of how to start the course, it’s has been made to be as simple, and work on as many devices as possible, we do advise that you make your own copy of all text inputted, for your own peace of mind.

Once you have an account with Place 21 you can start any of the units:

Once one is selected then press the Enroll now button:


Start the Units/Sections

You will then see that units sections, of which any you can start:

You then answer the course questions, either text, tick boxes, or uploads.


Save and Exit, Next and Previous

You can at any point Save and Exit, this will save your progress and when you next enter that unit you will be taken to the section you were last on.

The next button also saves your work and takes you to the next Section:

The Previous button takes you back one.