You should already have a printed version of the workbook.  This is your opportunity to complete it online, in your own time, on your phone or tablet or whatever technology you prefer.  This online workbook is new and we look forward to your feedback.  We can only improve if we get to hear your thoughts, concerns and suggestions, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

There are four units to get stuck into.

Unit 1 is called Self and Work and as the name implies, it’s all about you and your relationship with the world of work.

Unit 2 is the Work Experience Project.  Here you’ll have the chance to excel in problem-solving.  More than that, this is where you can improve your networking skills (problems are always better solved by involving others!) – and you get to present your findings to your peers.

Unit 3 we explore different aspects of business. This is deliberately a different approach to the ones you’ll find in the textbooks.  With this unit, we hope to stretch your understanding of the way business works and to challenge your assumptions.  Four key terms are explored:  Purpose; Time; Place; & Pace.

Unit 4 is all about going the extra mile, thinking like a business leader and helping to create a better world.  The title is Ethics and Sustainability – behind those words lies the secret to business success in an environmentally sensitive world.  How can we do business which is not only good for profits but also makes sense from an environmental perspective, and takes into account the social cost of our activity?  Why can’t business be a solution to social and environmental problems rather than, as it is so often perceived, part of the problem itself?

We hope you enjoy working through these four units.  We’d like to know how you find it and where we can improve so your feedback will be an important part of the process.  Good luck in your studies.